Tuesday, October 4, 2022

New Release Review: A Little Too Late by Sarina Bowen


A Little Too LateA Little Too Late by Sarina Bowen
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Author Sarina Bowen has teamed up with Rebecca Yarros and Devney Perry for another exciting series- this one set at Madigan Mountain, a family ski resort. Bowen brings us Ava and Reed's second chance romance in this installment and it's absolutely fantastic. As Ava and Reed are reunited in the current day, interspersed chapters slowly share their history from 10 years ago with us. As angsty as the history was, Bowen always manages to insert hilarity and great side characters into her stories to perfectly balance the read. As a finance major, I really enjoyed the business aspect of the story as Ava and Reed try to sort through Reed's dad's plan to sell the resort. Ava and Reed's chemistry was smoking but their relationship was so much more than that. I am so looking forward to reading books 2 and 3 from Yarros and Perry because this trio of brothers is not to be missed. Narrated by fan favorites Sebastian York and Andi Arndt, the audiobook is simply fabulous.

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