Thursday, July 23, 2020

New Release Review: Kitty Valentine Dates a Rock Star by Jillian Dodd

Kitty Valentine Dates a Rock Star 
by Jillian Dodd
Release Date: Julu 23, 2020


Six years ago, Kitty Valentine took the book world by storm when her sweet debut romance hit number one on the New York Times Best Sellers list, which was followed by a string of successful releases.
Her latest novel, however, totally bombs, causing her editor to suggest she write much sexier books.

To Kitty, writing smut is the literary equivalent of stripping.

But with no advance coming in and her royalties dipping to an all-time low, Kitty has no choice.

Armed with a hot-guy spinning prize wheel, made by her best friend, listing all the different types of men she will date and then write about, Kitty will be spinning—not stripping—her way back onto the best-sellers list.


What would you do if you met your teen boy-band crush in person? 
Just looking at their album covers takes me back. Sitting in my room, cross-legged on the bed, staring longingly at Dustin’s face. Not only his either—Kevin, Benji, and Tyler were just as cute, but they didn’t have that special factor. The elusive charm.
The hours I spent listening to their music while doing homework, practicing with makeup, cuddling my teddy bear—and yes, pretending it was my favorite band member—were endless. But I didn’t make out with it the way my server made out with her poster. I had standards, even at a young age.
There’s already a Greatest Hits playlist made up for the band, so I hit play and sit back, ready to let the magic unfold. And oh boy, the opening chords of their first hit, “Crazy 4 You”—cleverly named after the band or maybe it was the other way around—are like a time machine. I close my eyes, and I might as well be back in Brooklyn with braces and acne and a terrible crush on the cutest boy in my Spanish class. All the girls loved him.
And when he chose to go out with the cutest girl—because honestly, who else was he going to go out with, a nerd like me?—I locked myself in my room, didn’t bother turning on the lights, and listened to Dustin sing on repeat for hours on end while quietly crying. Dustin would never ignore me or look right through me, would he?
Because … I’m crazy for you, girl …” I sing, swaying back and forth.
I still know every note. I can’t remember a thing from most of my schooling back in the day, including Spanish because I was too busy crushing, but I remember every last note and word and inflection of these songs.
Maybe a little too well.

My review: 5 stars!
I am still loving Kitty! After reading the first two books in the series where Kitty dated a billionaire and a doctor, I have been so excited to read about her next adventure. This premise is so fun! I absolutely adore Kitty's personality- she's quirky and awkward and it's so fun to follow her as she attempts to expand her romance writing repertoire. We got to see more of her neighbor Matt (I love that they are having their dinners delivered and eating together!) I love that Jillian Dodd is giving us a peek into the world of a writer. Looking forward to Kitty dating a fireman next!

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