Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Teaser: The Guy in the Middle by Kate Stewart

The Guy in the Middle by Kate Stewart is coming February 29th! ⁣⁣
This is Lance’s story.⁣⁣
Get ready for... 

🩰—A second chance love story between a baller/boxer and a dancer. 
🥊—A little bit forbidden. 
🩰—A little bit frenemies to lovers 
🥊—All of the feels. 
🥊🩰—And a whole lot of steam. 
🔥♥️🖤 Expected release date: Leap Day! February 29th 2020!⁣⁣
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Designed by Amy Queau⁣⁣
🩰Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/…/40944080-the-guy-in-the-middle⁣⁣
I was born to play and bred to win.⁣⁣
My priorities were instilled in me early on—family and football. Those ideals led me to TGU and a coach whose ironclad principles mirrored my own.⁣⁣
With one last college season to play, my goal was singular—get drafted. By realizing my NFL dream, I could save my family, our ranch, and the only home I’d ever known.⁣⁣
Two birds, one ball.⁣⁣
Playing hard was my only option, but there’s always a wild card.⁣⁣
For all of my planning and hard work, I never anticipated falling for the coach's daughter. Harper was a fair catch, but who knew loving her could be the one play to throw my career before it started or that the weight of our secret would change the game.⁣⁣
This will be the third and final book in The Underdogs series. ⁣⁣
*Previously published as a short in Team Player 2 and will be republished as full length novel and can be read as a stand alone. ⁣⁣

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