Tuesday, November 6, 2018

New Release Review: My Gift is You by Rachel Lacey

A Risking It All Short Story


All Mandy Carson wants for Christmas is a distraction…and maybe a date to her friend’s New Year’s Eve wedding. Ghosts from the past always loom larger this time of year, and Mandy’s having a hard time faking her usual fun-loving demeanor. But when her much-needed distraction arrives in the form of the man who rocked her world the long-ago night of their junior prom, she’s forced to confront the painful scars that caused her to bolt back in high school.

Wildlife rescuer Calvin Rocha always regretted letting Mandy slip out of his life, so when fate brings them together on a snowy mountain road with an injured hawk on Christmas Eve, he’s determined to make the most of this second chance. He agrees to be her wedding date, hoping the romantic weekend will bring them back together. And as the clock counts down to midnight, Cal and Mandy might just discover that the best gift they’ll receive this season is each other.

My review: 5 stars!

This short story is SO FUN and it totally put me in the holiday spirit! (The Hallmark movies I am watching in the evenings isn't hurting!) Second chance romances are always a favorite for me, and I loved Cal and Mandy together. I have really enjoyed the Risking It All series and this novella was a fun way to wrap it up. I am also loving the Almost Royal series, and love the crossover. HOWEVER, this novella, or any of the books in either series, can totally standalone, so I absolutely recommending grabbing My Gift is You even if Rachel Lacey is new to you!

I LOVE these fun facts about the book from Rachel Lacey:
  • This is my first holiday novella!
  • It wraps up my Risking It All series
  • It also crosses over into my new Almost Royal series, so you'll get to see LOTS of familiar faces
  • It's set during Sam and Carly's wedding (you met them in Rock With You)
  • Both Mandy and Cal (the heroine and hero of My Gift is You) are familiar faces from my Risking It All series - who remembers them??
  • Like all the books in my Risking It All series, the title is also a song (ending in the word "you") I got to pay homage to some of my favorite pop divas in this series: Whitney Houston (Run to You), Madonna (Crazy for You), Gloria Estefan (Can't Forget You), and now Gwen Stefani with My Gift is You!
  • Like all my books, it stands alone, so if you haven't read the books mentioned above, no worries!
  • It can be yours for just 99 cents! (so what are you waiting for??) ;)
ebook purchased by me on release day

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