Saturday, July 21, 2018

New Release Review: I Fall Apart by Kenzie Hart

by Kenzie Hart
Release Date: July 17, 2018

“It was just a kiss.” 
That’s what my friends told me. 
But they couldn’t really understand. 
It was a kiss. 
A kiss that made me feel like I could fly and crash all at once.
A kiss that set my body aflame. 
A kiss that eventually tore me apart. 
A kiss that wrecked my whole world. 
It was a kiss alright. 
One that changed everything

My review 4.5 stars!
I  have to admit I'm not a big poetry reader, so I was a bit worried that a book written in verse style wouldn't be my cup of tea. I am happy to report that I loved it! Once I got into the flow and into the rhythm, it was such an enjoyable read. It was romantic, passionate, and so emotional. I read it during a very busy few days, and one thing I really liked was that it was easy to pick up and put down as I found myself with pockets of time. I'm excited to see what Kenzie Hart has planned for her next book.

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