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Audiobook Review: Keeper by Amy Daws


You may have heard of the infamous footy-playing Harris Brothers...or you may have heard of the amazing duet-style narrating with Will Watt and Charlotte Cole, well, you're in for a treat! Keeper on audio has just gone live!

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Footy star Booker Harris shares a flat with his best friend from childhood. Problem is, she's not a little girl anymore. Read for FREE in KU or download the audiobook now! E-Book ⚽️ Amazon Audiobook ⚽️ Audible

My audiobook review: 5 stars!
I was lucky enough to be given an Audible code for Keeper by Amy Daws and I was so excited! I have been listening to audiobooks for years, but duet narration is pretty rare and after I heard the first book in the The Harris Brother series earlier this year, I was hooked and so excited to listen to Keeper since I gave the book 5 stars back in September. Here's my review:

I want to marry into the Harris family! Gah! These men! Booker is absolutely my favorite of the three. They are all to-die-for men, but there's something gentle about Booker, something so sweet, something so amazing- so he's my fave. I love the history and childhood friendship between quirky Poppy and Booker. Daws uses flashbacks perfectly to weave the story together. One of the best parts of the story is the fast friendship between Poppy and the other Harris girlfriends. I LOVE Belle and Indie in her corner! I thoroughly enjoyed this one and CANNOT wait to have it on audio!

If you aren't familiar with duet narration, here's a quick definition of the two different style of multiple character narrations.

Duet narration = narrators alternating reading the male and female parts in a chapter.
Dual narration = narrators reading entire POV chapters.

I LOVE this style and will definitely be searching out more duet narration audiobooks. Will Watt and Charlotte Cole KILLED IT again! I adore Amy Daws's writing style- her characters are well-developed and the dialogue is so believable. I'm off to purchase Endurance because I absolutely love this audiobook series and am excited to see Daws was able to use Watt and Cole for that audiobook as well. They are PERFECT!

Or check out all the Harris Brothers with epic duet narrating! Challenge ⚽️ Endurance

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Duet-style is like a movie in your ears! Here's a sample:


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I received a code to use on Audible to purchase this audiobook.

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