Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Reading Material

I absolutely love to read, but over the past few years haven't found much time to enjoy that hobby. I've been trying to read a bit before bed each night and am really enjoying getting back into it.
Here's a few books on my nightstand:
I enjoyed Melanie Shankle's Sparkly Green Earrings, so I was sure I'd love this one too. Excited to get started on it.
Last week I listened to a recorded Proverbs 31 call with Abby Rike, a former Biggest Loser contestant, and knew instantly I needed to read her book. What an amazing girl Abby is!
I know I'm behind the times, but I've been watching Jon & Kate Plus Eight on my Amazon Prime and wanted to know a bit of the back story on them. I know there is quite a bit of drama on down the road, but I'm still watching the first few seasons and those kids are so darn cute!
 Stress Free Kids: A Parent's Guide to Helping Build Self-Esteem, Manage Stress, and Reduce Anxiety in Children

And I'm *almost* done with this one, sent to me for review. Expect a review soon- I am really getting a lot of good info from this book!

From Amazon.com: Kids today are more stressed, overwhelmed, and struggling with anxiety than ever before. Children are not born with the coping strategies needed to navigate today's increasing demands of technology, bullying, academics, and family dynamics. You yourself might wonder how your own stressed-out lifestyle is affecting your children. Based on Lori Lite's award-winning series, Stress Free Kids provides relaxation techniques you can use to free your child from stress.

What are you reading?

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Anonymous said...

You look like me with a stack of books! I'm looking forward to reading Antelope in the Living Room. Melanie was hilarious in Sparkly Green Earrings.