Thursday, December 20, 2012

Review: Eukanuba

Last month BzzAgent invited me to join their Eukanuba with 3D DentaDefense dog food campaign, and I was so excited because we were just about out of the bag of Beneful food that Bella has been eating on for quite some time and was just about to head to the store to buy a new bag of food anyway.

BzzAgent acutally provided me with a coupon for a free 20 pound bag so the kids and I headed to Petco to use it. We chose the Adult Small Breed Petite Race since Miss Bella is a 10 pound Shih Tzu (or something like that- we really don't know).

I have to admit that I have done much in the way of dental care for Bella. We do take her to the vet for her yearly check-ups and shots, but other than that, I haven't done anything specific for her teeth. (hides) I feel really bad about that now because when I read the info BzzAgent sent to me, I found out that tartar build-up is the most common health problem among dogs, with 8 out of 10 pups developing serious dental health issues by the age of three.

Did you know your dog may have dental health issues you can't see? In fact, 85% of dogs have serious tartar build up by the age of three. Plaque and tartar are often invisible to the naked eye, but with Eukanuba's help, you don't have to play pet detective to have a healthy, happyand smiling pooch.
Recommended by vets, Eukanuba with 3D DentaDefense keeps your dog in top condition from tooth to tail. Ensure your canine's canines are healthy — feed your pup the only leading brand that provides complete nutrition and superior tartar protection in every adult and senior diet.

 So I was very excited to see the dental benefits included with this food.

And Bella was very interested too.

So I poured her a bowl, mixing it together with her current food as they suggested we do to help her transition to the new food.

And she must have liked it, much more than the Beneful, because she ate every last morsel of the Eukanuba and left the Beneful behind!

I am very impressed and so glad BzzAgent introducted me to this dog food- and judging by how quickly Bella has been emptying her bowl at mealtime, I think my dog is too!


sprinkles said...

Merry Christmas!

Chic Runner said...

Thank you so much for sharing this information and the review! Being a dog mom, it's good to know and great education to myself and my husband about the dental information <3

Special K said...

We loved Eukaneuba for our Abby. She always gobbled it up!