Tuesday, September 25, 2012

I Will Not Rest (and you shouldn't either)

This is a pic of P in his new Irlen Filters.

It's been a long and winding road, folks, but I will not rest until this little boy reaches his potential.

School was so easy for me, I don't even think I ever took home a book to study until college. Really. I scored well on my ACT and was awarded a full 4-year academic scholarship to a local regional university.

And I always assumed that school would be easy for my kiddos too. Especially P- he's got a steel-trap memory and connects the dots in life so easily. But when reading wasn't coming easily to him in first grade, I started researching. And googling. And making appointments and asking questions. Time was flying by! I had to do something NOW!

And down the road of intervention we went.

We did bi-lateral eye muscle surgery for Exotropia, 28 weeks of Vision Therapy, followed by 16 weeks of Interactive Metronome. During this, P also received twice-a-week Lindamood Bell reading tutoring.

Things were better, but still not where they should be. For such a smart little boy, reading was so so so difficult for him. And time was flying by. Why was time flying by SO FAST??????

So I googled "visual processing" and found out about Irlen Syndrome. After two rounds of testing, we found out that P indeed had a visual processing problem and needed 6 filters added on to a pair of glasses to help filter out the wavelengths of light his little brain can't process correctly. Actually, he needs 7, but he wasn't able to tolerate the 7th during testing, so we will see about adding that one later.

I trusted my gut, knew something wasn't right, and found some puzzle pieces to fit together to help P. And we may not be done.... there may still be some puzzle pieces yet to be found. BUT I WILL FIND THEM!

I won't rest until I do.

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C. Beth said...

You are such a dedicated mama! I think it's AWESOME that something as simple as a pair of special glasses could help his reading. Wow!