Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Spirit-Led Parenting Book Buying Day

Today is such an exciting day for my dear friend and sorority sister, Megan, who blogs at Sorta Crunchy. Her book Spirit-Led Parenting: From Fear to Freedom in Baby's First Year was released yesterday and today is designated as the Book Buying Party! I just ordered my copy and hope you'll join in supporting Megan by buying one as well.

Although P was a relatively easy baby, if you've been a Sasha Says reader from the beginning you know that parenting WC as in infant was a struggle. Due to unmanaged pain from her ulcerated hemangioma, poor WC just couldn't rest comfortably and peaceful sleep was something that didn't come easy. Both my pediatrician and a certain book that was recommended to me left me feeling like I was "doing it all wrong" and each time I was unable to follow their instructions about sleep training, my heart broke a little bit, leaving me feeling helpless.

Megan and Laura, her co-author, have such a way with words and focus on encouragement rather than shame. I imagine this book is perfect for mothers in situations like mine.

I don't think I can sum it up any better than the description on Amazon:

Over the years, a mainstream approach to Christian parenting has emerged, and it’s one that promotes sleep training and feeding schedules for infants, warns that spoiled children and marital discord are certain by-products of homes where newborns are over-indulged, and promotes these methods as the Biblical way to care for a new baby. Unfortunately, the message of mainstream parenting advice preys on the universal fear of new parents everywhere: the fear that if they stray from the program, their babies and their marriages will suffer. In Spirit-Led Parenting: From Fear to Freedom in Baby's First Year, two mothers share their stories. They tell of a journey that began in fear-soaked, tear-stained days marked by an overwhelming fear of failure that eventually found redemption in discovering the freedom to ignore the wisdom of man and follow the direction of the Spirit.

And if you happen to be local, I hope you can attend the Book Release party hosted by Hollywood Housewife on April 21. I won't be able to attend, but will be there in spirit.

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C. Beth said...

That sounds SO good!! I was never into all the hard-core sleep training and I feel like it would have been too "regimented" for me.