Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Sleep Woes

Last week I ordered a Fitbit Ultra Wireless Activity Plus Sleep Tracker from Amazon and was super excited to get it to amp up my quest for fitness. I've been enjoying ChaLean and doing my half-mary prep, but we all know I eat too many sweets, so I'm not seeing the results I'd like to see.

And I thought the sleep tracker would be cool.... I suspected I wasn't sleeping well, what with a 6 year old with severe sleep issues due to SPD and a cute little dog that doesn't seem to think she can jump off the bed herself when she needs to go out.

So when my Fitbit came Saturday I was so excited to put it on and get started. It comes with a wrist band that you put the Fitbit in to wear overnight.

The first morning when I synced and checked the sleep results, I thought.... hmmm... must not have done it right. Surely I didn't wake that many times. Let's try again Sunday night.

Same thing.

And here's last night's data.

See the red? That's when I was awake! See that 23? That's how many times I woke up during the night! I can account for that larger block of time around 1:45.... WC came in to get in our bed and I moved to her bed, and of course, Bella needed to go out once she heard us moving around. But the rest of the red? Holy cow! No wonder I am a walking zombie!

Honestly, I have felt tired as long as I can remember. In college, I remember falling asleep in class all the time, but I attributed it to late nights out. And once I had kids, I attributed it to that. And after my liver infection a few years ago, I've attributed my tiredness to B12 deficiency anemia.

But maybe, just maybe, I am not sleeping worth a crap.



Just the Four of Us said...

Sasha, check out The Yeast Connection.


I've suffered from chronic fatigue since middle school and this shed a lot of light onto my problem.


C. Beth said...

WOW! That is crazy. So, what's the solution?

sprinkles said...

I don't sleep that well either. I do tend to sleep better when school is in session because I'm so tired all the time. But then when I'm on break, it goes back to what it used to be.

I'm gonna check out that link Just the Four of Us suggested to you.

Special K said...


Unknown said...

Omgsh - I didn't know something like this exists!That would be cool to see how much sleep I am getting ... are they pretty reliable though? How does that little gadget if you are actually sleeping or not?

Carrie said...

Wow. Really cool device with head-scratching results. How does it know when you are "awake?" Would accupuncture or another non-conventional treatment help? Do you use white noise? Works for our whole family! Thanks for sharing your results, fascinating!