Thursday, November 10, 2011

Kisses to Buford Betty!

Buford Betty, I am giving you big smooches today! You are my fashion hero!

I wear black slacks and dress shoes most days to work, so I am always on the lookout for a cute, comfy shoe with some sort of heel- being only 5'2", I need a little height. And last March I posted about my latest find, the Madden Upskale pump.

They are absolutely darling and so so comfy. I love the little ruffle and think it gives it a little "something".

Last week Buford Betty posted about some of her baby shower outfits (yay for the soon-to-arrive Buford Betty Baby!), and LOOK LOOK LOOK, she found the same shoe, called Sondra Ruffle, at Target in PEWTER! And RED! AND ONLY $20!!!!!!!

I am sure it goes without saying to say that I ordered them. In two colors.

They arrived last night and fit PERFECT and are exactly like the $50 Maddens. So today I am sporting the Pewter ones along with a company grey cardi and I look FAB. Well, as fab as you can look in company garb.

So I just wanted to give Buford Betty a big shout-out and pass on this fabulous find.

One quick on-line shopping note: Ebates offers 3% back for shopping at Target, so be sure and start your shopping there. And if you are new to Ebates, we'll each get a sign-up bonus of at least $5. (Disclosure: The link to Ebates is a referral link.)


Cornelia said...

Cute shoes! At least you get a company cardi...all we get are polos! And they mens polos so even the xsmall is to my knees!

C. Beth said...

Those are adorable! Nice find!