Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Sasha Asks: Your Favorite TV Show?

Today's question is "What is your favorite television show?".

Don't suppose you can guess what my favorite TV show is, can you?

Why, of course, it's Friends! Friends began airing in the Fall of 1994 while I was in college. I have the fondest memories of gathering around the TV with my sorority sisters and watching the newest epi before getting ready to go out on Thursday night. It's also one show that the husband and I agree is absolutely perfect comedy- for a few years right after we got married, reruns were airing at 10 pm weeknights, so we always watched Friends right before we went to sleep.

I have to admit to you that I'm a little bit Monica. Oh, who am I kidding, I'm totally Monica. Totally. I even have a phone pen.

As you can see above, I have all 10 seasons on DVD (randomly, Season 4 does not have a 4 on the spine). Note that Season 1 is not in the pic, because it's in our bedroom since I was watching it while running on the 'mill when I took this shot. I watched the entire series, in order, several times while doing the Couch to 5K plan. It was such a fabulous distraction and really kept me going on the exercise plan.

Here's a partial list of some of my favorite epis:

  • Holiday Armadillo

  • "It Tastes Like Feet!" English Trifle/Shepherd's Pie

  • Vegas

  • Ross's Teeth

  • Ross Got High

  • Leather Pants

  • Monica and Ross's Dance Routine

  • Pivot

  • Jellyfish

  • Switching Apartments/Chanandler Bong

  • All the flashback epis/Fat Monica

I could go on and on.... What's your favorite episode? Any I missed?


Becky said...

"It's not that common, it doesn't happen to every guy, and IT IS A BIG DEAL!"

Best. Line. Ever.

My husband's favorite scene is: "Yes, yes, that is how they measure pants...IN PRISON!"

Michelle @ Crazy*Running*Legs said...

Favorite episode is The One Where Everyone Finds Out.

"They don't know that we know that they know."


sprinkles said...

Sadly, I know exactly which episodes those are! lol

I love to watch Friends reruns.

Meredith said...

I love all Friends episodes and have Friends moments all the time... My all time favorite for chill bumps is where Ross and Rachel kiss after she sees on the prom video tape. Then Pheobe says see I told you he was your lobster!!!

Christy said...

I totally watched the seasons over and over again while doing C25K too!!! Totally took my mind off the running :) Glad to know someone else does this!!