Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Laugh If You Must

Left- P's 1st grade pic Right- P's 2nd grade pic

Yup, we dressed him in the exact same shirt two years in a row. Parents of the year? That's us!
If anyone has this shirt in a medium to send to us, we'll go for three next year.


C. Beth said...

I think it's so funny! He really does look older this year, in his face. :)

Smoochiefrog said...

That is funny. Gotta love it!

Drew's Mom said...

That is too funny! But he looks adorable in both =) I think it'd be hilarious to keep doing it as long as he can fit in those shirts.. start looking for a large too!

sprinkles said...

How funny! Well, the lighting is different and looks darker in the first picture so you could just pretend it's a different shirt.