Monday, August 29, 2011


My favorite TV show right now is Good Luck Charlie (yes, it's on Disney, but I'm not above kids shows). It's totally the mom character.... she is a hoot and I just love her! We actually watch this show as a family and even DH loves it.

Have you seen it?

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Witty Whitfields said...

We also watch this as a family! :-) One of my favorite kid shows!

mistyinthemiddle said...

I love this show. Whenever it comes on Emma yells for me to come sit down.

sprinkles said...

I've seen a couple of episodes. It seemed cute but now that I'm in school, my tv time limited. Boo!

Joy said...

yep we love it around here I am pretty sure after the nonstop showing of it this summer I have seen ever episode :)

Bri said...

We love it too! I walked in on my husband in the bedroom by himself just watching it one day... it was pretty comical :)


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