Friday, February 25, 2011

Editor's Choice Awards: Drugstore Beauty

Welcome to the Sasha Says Editor's Choice Awards! We'll be sharing with you our favorite products in many different categories.

(Please know that this is very tongue-in-cheek. "We" is just me, and it's actually just a list of *my* favorite products. There's no nomination process, voting, or scoring. Just a simple list of things I like and use myself.)

Today's category is "Drugstore Beauty". Last week before Sunday school started, a few of us were having a discussion on beauty products and how expensive they can be. I shared that I had quite a few products that I loved that were not high-end. I am all about shopping at Wags, CVS, Target, and the Walmarts.

On of my new favorite blogs is Nouveau Cheap, and her tagline is "You don't have to compromise on beauty just because you're on a budget....."

So here we go..... A entire look for you..... all from the drugstore.

1. Foundation. The foundation I am reaching for most days is Revlon PhotoReady. I apply it with a damp foundation brush and really like the light to medium coverage I get. I wear Shell and I believe this is about $14.

2. Powder. I am still loving Physicians Formula Happy Booster Face Powder in Translucent ($12.67 at Walmart).

3. Blush. Also still loving Physicians Formula Happy Booster Blush in Rose ($10.63 at Walmart).

4. Eye Shadow. A new find for me are these awesome, super-cheap, but high quality Wet n Wild palettes. The top 8 pan is called Comfort Zone and it retails for $5 at Walmart and Walgreens. The bottom 3 pan is called Walking on Eggshells and is $3.

5. Eyeliner. I've been using Physicians Formula Eye Booster 2-in-1 Lash Boosting Eyeliner + Serum lately and loving it. It's super easy to apply and the thin felt tip applicator makes it easy to get a nice fine line and even to do a wing at the end. It's about $11. This stuff doesn't budge either- it's intact even after a run!

6. Mascara. I still think Maybelline's Full N' Soft ($6.50) is one of the greatest mascaras. Full, soft, thick, just as promised.
7. Lipstick. My no-fail, been-using-it-for-years lipstick is Revlon's Colorstay Overtime Sheer ($10) in Sheer Pomegranate. It appears it might be a discontinued shade.... damn it.


Allison @ Running With Mascara said...

Ooohh! Those eye shadows look so cool. I love how they tell you where to put the colors. I can never remember!

Melanie said...

You just reminded me how much I loved that mascara. I've been trying new ones in my attempt to get to Clinique for a new tube, and I have been sorely disappointed. I have got to get that powder and blush ASAP! I am a blush girl all the way, and I have dreamed about it since you first mentioned it. I envy your ability to use that eyeliner. I can barely apply the crayon variety very well, and I have deep-set eyes so if I mess up it is very apparent. I gotta get those shadows too because I am in need of a new eye palette.

Odelsa said...

I'm a new reader and I have been looking for a blog like this forever!
Thank you for the suggestions!