Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Dear Coach,

Is the jewlery designer at Coach a Chi Omega?

Such a shame I can't wear anything but gold post earrings!

I think I may need that skull necklace!


sprinkles said...

What's a Chi O? I don't get it. Sorry, I'm a little slow sometimes. Ok, a lot slow a lot of times. lol

Mrs. Everything said...

Hey now... since it's owls, could be a Kappa ;)

sprinkles said...

Ok, I read this again to see if you answered my question. I don't know if I missed the "Chi Omega" or if it just wasn't there before. I'm thinking it wasn't there before because I know Chi Omega is a sorority, right?

Sasha said...

Sprinkles, you are right! That's what it is- and it did say Chi O, but I changed it to help make it make sense and forgot to reply to you when I did that!