Thursday, June 17, 2010

CoverGirl Blast

Recently I was asked to join the CoverGirl Blast campaign at BzzAgent and being the makeup junkie I am, I of course joined.

I received the ShadowBlast eyeshadow in Silver Sky and it's so pretty in the tube! I do a pretty natural look for work, and it looks like a bit much for me to use on a regular day, so I've been saving it for a night out. I had this grand plan of dressing up, doing a smoky eye, and just looking glamorous!

Guess what? The campaign ends today and that special occasion never materialized! I am so sad about that.... Do you think that means I need to get out more?

But I did find one really neat thing on Covergirl's site that I thought was so cool: a new section called "Find Your Match." You select from 15 different department store brands, narrow your search by category, product name, and shade, and then Covergirl suggests a comparable product in their line. Pretty cool! It's not totally complete yet (they only have one product for Stila listed) but a great idea and they say they'll be adding more.

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Hair Bows & Guitar Picks said...

I want to try that...

Unknown said...

I did this campaign as well and would've been interested to hear what you thought about the shadow. I was disappointed. I got the citrus blast and was excited about the color, but it creased really quickly on me and the color seemed to fade. The lip gloss also faded really fast and wasn't as color-intense as I would've liked. I'm loving the CG/Olay campaign though! :)

sprinkles said...

I wanna be a part of the CoverGirl Blast! It's probably too late now though.


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