Monday, June 21, 2010

Two Things

My parents took the kiddos to see "Toy Story 3" this weekend, and P got a bit scared at one point and actually wanted to leave! He's a sensitive little guy, so if your child is a rough-and-tumble tough kid, you're probably fine, but do know those with gentle souls may be frightened. Mom was able to reassure him that all ends well, so they did stay, but I'd love to hear if other kids were scared too. Do tell!

Also, I have been thinking about getting an iphone, but I tried out a friend's the other day, and because of my fingernails, I had a terrible time typing- it was nearly impossible. What do others with long nails do? Am I out of luck? I currently have a Samsung Jack and type with the corners of my thumbnails.

I was getting excited about all the neat apps (Shazam!) but if I can't type on the stupid thing, I'm out.

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Hair Bows & Guitar Picks said...

Get one you will be fine once you get used to it I promise!

sprinkles said...

TS3 is playing here too and I wanna see it! The first two were really cute.

As for the iphone, well - awhile back, I saw a friend texting with her cell phone only she didn't use her fingers, she was using a stick she called a stylus or something like that. Might be something to consider.

Rachael said...

I love my iPhone. Definitely worth cutting your nails for, I think. =)

fleming Fab 5 said...

TS3 is a little scary at times. I loved it and so did my kids who are 4, 9,10. It was a little "darker" than the others, however, I cried like a baby at certain times of the movie. We r big Disney fans and Toys story fans!!!

Stephanie said...

Now I am worried about Toy Story! The boys LOVE the first two and watch them over and over....
As for the iPhone, the typing is just something to get used to....everything else is SO amazing, easy, and seamless about it that I don't think that that should be the reason you don't get one!!
I can't imagine not having mine!! I have never been that big into using my phone- but now I use it for EVERYTHING!!!

Erin said...

maybe it was happy hour kicking in that you had trouble with instead of the iPhone:)


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