Tuesday, June 27, 2023

New Release Review: Best Friends Aren't Forever by Jillian Dodd

Best Friends Aren't Forever by Jillian Dodd is now LIVE!

You'll love Best Friends Aren't Forever if you love:

✔️ Friends-to-lovers

✔️ A kissing book 

✔️ Close proximity

✔️ Boarding school

✔️ Royalty romance

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Best Friends Aren’t Forever

Ever wonder where the kids of the rich and famous go to school?

Eastbrooke Academy isn’t a regular school. It’s an elite boarding school, filled with the children of the outrageously rich, where drama is in excess and rules don’t apply.

Aubrey Lane Arrington, daughter of a famous actress and an international club owner, is set to attend. It’s where her parents met, but more importantly, she’s always dreamed of being there with her best friend and crush, Branson Johnson. Longtime family friends, the Johnson boys are legendary—known for their cocky grins, all-American good looks, and wild parties. They are also known to break hearts.

When a fight ends her friendship with Branson, Lane makes a last-minute trip to London, where she happens to hit things off with a really cute prince. And after spending a summer with him, the last place Lane wants to spend her junior year is at Eastbrooke Academy. But her parents aren’t letting her get out of it.

So, she comes up with a plan.

Get kicked out of school.

Move to London to be with her prince.

And live happily ever after—without Branson.

Is Lane destined for London, or could Eastbrooke Academy—and a Johnson boy— win back her heart?

My review: 5 stars!

I was so excited when I saw that author Jillian Dodd was starting a new series and that it would be the kids of characters from her Keatyn series attending school at Eastbrooke Academy! I jumped at the chance to back the project on Kickstarter. The new characters are so fun and so is the drama, friendships, and romance and even the school itself! The end of the book made me so hungry for the next book in the series- I cannot wait!

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