Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Excerpt Reveal: Loverboy by Sarina Bowen

Loverboy by Sarina Bowen is releasing December 1, 
and here is an excerpt for you!

Gunnar waits for my answer, watching me with hungry eyes. I take another sip of tart, fruity goodness and feel a rare looseness in my limbs, as if I’m limber enough to mold myself into the kind of woman who knows how to handle this moment. The possibility of Gunnar and me in bed stretched itself out around us.

He’s waiting for me to say something. Except that I’ve forgotten the question, let alone the answer. He gives me a smile, like he can read my thoughts. And then he lets me off the hook by glancing up at the TV screen to check the score. “Tell me,” he says. “Where did you go just now?”

“Nowhere,” I say quickly, chickening out. I take another deep gulp of my drink. I haven’t had quite enough alcohol to nonchalantly ask Gunnar to come home with me tonight. I want to, though. Really. A lot. He’s just the right kind of playboy to get me out of my rut. It won’t mean anything to him. He won’t have any expectations.

And neither will I, of course. We have nothing in common.

Although lately I find myself appreciating Gunnar for much more than his very fine ass. Who could resist a guy who comes to work on time every day, and makes fabulous coffee for eight hours without complaint? 

The old Gunnar would have teased me mercilessly and hidden the sugar cubes when he went on break. The new Gunnar keeps his head down and saves my overworked butt during every shift.

Sure, he still flirts mercilessly with the customers. But nobody is perfect. And I’m just jealous. I’d rather have those pale eyes trained on me. 

They were, too, only a moment ago. But I blew it already. He was waiting for me to give him the green light, and I chickened out.

That’s a theme with me.

My review: 5 stars!
I love when there's some suspense in my romance reads- and I LOVE when Joe Arden is cast for the audio. Arden did Gunnar so well, and just as I would have imagined Gunnar's voice to be. Arden can do sweet and tender just as well as he does hot and steamy. Emma Wilder is a fantastically cast as Posy. And let's talk about the cover- it's so REFRESHING to have a fully clothed man on a cover, and the model in his tuxedo is perfection. There's great banter and humor mixed in with the mysterious plot and the business major in me loved all the details about Posy's Pie Shop. I absolutely loved this swoony romance mixed with a little intrigue- it was such a joy to listen to the audiobook and I am looking forward to the next book in the series.

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