Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Audiobook Review: Payback by Amy Daws

Amy Daws is known for her duet style narrating but now she's taken it a step further with a hot new MULTICAST audiobook for her latest sports romance, Payback! Payback is now live on audio and soaring up the romance charts! The early reviews make us desperate to feast our ears on this!!! 
✔︎FOUR brilliant narrators (Erin Mallon, Aaron Shedlock, Will Watt, Charlotte Cole)
✔︎Tons of super sexy accents (the hero is South African and most of the secondaries are British😍)
✔︎Multicast narrating, so the voice actors all talk to each other and voice their character dialogue no matter what POV the chapter is in! 
✔︎Almost 9 hours of binge-worthy audio!
✔︎Whispersync Ready
✔︎Tons of banter
✔︎Some seriously sexy feels!!!

Grab your next standalone audio treat today!
US➜ http://bit.ly/PaybackAudio
UK➜ http://bit.ly/PaybackUK

My review:
5 stars!
My new favorite style of audiobook is multicast! I love duet style, but multicast takes it even further and adds SO MUCH to the experience! These four narrators were fantastic! I am a long-time fan of Erin Mallon, Will Watt, and Charlotte Cole, but Aaron Shedlock was new to me and he was a PERFECT Roan! His voice was swoony and all of their performances were spot-on and so enjoyable. 
About the book:Oh how I love the Harris family- even when they are giving a Harris Shakedown! Cousin Allie was a great addition to the family and I am so glad that the series isn't over after all. What a unique story Roan and Allie have- and their chemistry is off the charts. Above all, this story was about family, but also redemption and forgiveness and love. I am so looking forward to Mac and Freya's story next. Such an enjoyable series!

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