Tuesday, February 26, 2019

New Release Review: Irresistible by Melanie Harlow

By: Melanie Harlow
Release Date: February 22, 2019

I’m a full-time single dad to three daughters and CFO at Cloverleigh Farms. I don’t have time to fall in love—I’m too busy trying to run a business, keep the red socks out of the white laundry, and get the damn pillowcases on without owing a dollar to the swear jar.

Sure, Frannie Sawyer is beautiful and sweet, but she’s twenty-seven, the boss’s daughter, and my new part-time nanny—which means she’s completely off-limits. It’s bad enough I can’t stop fantasizing about her, what kind of jerk would I be if I acted on the impulse to kiss her?

(Exactly the kind of jerk you’re thinking.)

Actually, I’m worse than that—because I didn’t stop with a kiss, and now I can’t stay away.  She makes me feel like myself again. She reminds me what it’s like to want something just for me. She’s everything I ever needed, but nothing I ever imagined.

I’m a former Marine. I should have had the strength to resist her from the start.

But I didn’t. And now I have to choose between the life I want and the life she deserves.

Even if it means giving her up.

My review: 5 stars!
There is not one single thing I didn't absolutely love about this book. Both Mack and Frannie were just all-around fantastic people, the kind you want to spend time with. I adored Mack's three daughters- they just couldn't have been sweeter and funnier. I loved the relationship that Frannie built with the family before they even started a romantic relationship- she just fit right in with the family and added so much. The progression of their romance felt real, and natural- not at all forced. They were just great together. I love how the author writes standalones that still have characters from prior books that we get to see again- it's always so fun to see. Irresistible is a fabulous start to what I think will be a great series- looking forward to the next book.

ebook purchased by me on release day

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