Saturday, May 12, 2018

New Audiobook Release: Wait With Me by Amy Daws

Wait With Me
by Amy Daws
Narrated by Erin Mallon and Teddy Hamilton

The audiobook we’ve all been waiting for is here! The Queen of rom-com, Erin Mallon, and the King of laid back, sexy heroes, Teddy Hamilton, have narrated this buzzworthy tire shop love story straight into our hearts.

Check out a sample hereà 

 Buzzfeed to Babble to Scary Mommy and even network television—the social media viral story is LIVE on audio!

The story of romance writer Amy Daws’ relationship with a little tire shop in South Dakota is a refreshingly fun tale that ends in an auto shop romantic comedy that you have to hear!

Daws cast a dream team of narrators for this dirty hot love story that takes place in Boulder, Colorado. Narrated in dual points of view, hear Tire Depot come to life with these sweet soundwaves.

When romance novelist Kate Smith suddenly gets writer’s block as she's beginning the final installment of her international bestselling erotic Bed ‘n Breakfast series, she'll do pretty much anything to get her groove back. 

Like sneak into a Tire Depot waiting room because her words flow there just like complimentary coffee—smooth, sweet, and scorchingly hot.

She manages to fly under the radar until the rugged and charming mechanic Miles Hudson notices the quirky redhead slinking in and out of the employees only entrance. 

But she's way too intriguing to blow the whistle on. 

Doing a test-drive of her new book idea sounds like a much better option.

My audiobook review: 5 Stars!
I cannot say enough good things about Wait With Me! I became a fan of Amy Daws after discovering her Harris Brothers series and was one of her followers on Instagram and Facebook. Because of this I was able to watch as it unfolded the hilarious true story that inspired this book to be written. It was so much fun to watch and follow along! I knew in my heart the book would be GOLD and I wasn't disappointed in the least- it was rom-com perfection and Miles made me swoon, as I like all my romance heroes to do. Such a fun backstory, and such a fabulous book. A MUST-READ if you are a rom-com fan!

Erin Mallon and Teddy Hamilton were PERFECTION as narrators! Somehow Teddy's voice was just how I imagined Miles would sound, and Erin did a fabulous job capturing the essence of Mercedes/Kate. I just can't GUSH enough!



Amy Daws is an Amazon Top 25 bestselling author of sexy, contemporary romance. She’s enjoys writing love stories that take place in America as well as across the pond, especially those footy-playing Harris Brothers. When Amy’s not writing at a tire shop waiting room, she’s watching Gilmore Girls or singing karaoke in the living room with her daughter while Daddy awkward-smiles from a distance. 
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