Friday, September 25, 2015

A Non-Recommendation: Bausch + Lomb PeroxiClear

I recently purchased a double pack of Bausch + Lomb PeroxiClear because I had a coupon and had tried and liked a similar product in the past called Clear Care. Both are the types of solution that require a special case that includes a disk at the bottom that neutralizes the solution as it thoroughly cleans your lenses.

Well, do NOT buy PeroxiClear! I have drawn a black line on the case in the pic above to show the level the solution needs to be to keep the contacts moist, but overnight this stuff bubbles out the top at such volume that it lowers the level of the solution to where the white arrow points. Aside from the huge mess this makes on your counter, this dries your contacts out, leaving them ruined. I had purchased a double pack that came with two bottles and two cases, so I tried both and the same thing happened multiple times.

A quick google search confirmed this was not an isolated event. It seems to be a common problem. Since I am always sharing products I try and love, I thought I'd share this non-recommendation too and save you some money!

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