Friday, October 4, 2013

20 Year Ago

We are headed to our alma mater's Homecoming celebration this weekend- they are recognizing the 1993 football team that Mr. Sasha played on because that was the year they won the National Championship in our division! So excited for him to get to see all his friends and re-live the glory days! It was an amazing season!

This pic is labeled Homecoming weekend in October 1993 and I am pondering the fact that I am wearing earmuffs and gloves! So strange....

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I just found your blog thru Ashley Quite Frankly's and this is such a cute throwback pic. Hope you had fun visiting the Alma Mater and I had to laugh because I just told my husband the other day I want to start wearing ear muffs. Cold ears are the worst!

Maybe you're bringing back the 90's trend. :)

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