Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Concert: Every night!

WC got a Kindle Fire for Christmas, and since she's a music lover like me, it's pretty much always playing something fun and catchy.

And so we're getting treated to a "concert" just about every night. She's drawn herself a little piano and has placed it on a Playdoh desk so she can slide her legs under it. She's also created a microphone using some blue sticky stuff and two crayons. The sparkly hat she got for her birthday is also ever-present.

She also has some carefully planned lighting cues (Mom, when I point at you, turn the lights on!) and lots and lots of dancing.

And I love it!

But we do have to limit the concert lengths because they can go on forever...... we're talking full-length Taylor Swift Fearless tour length, if we let her.

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Cornelia said...

How cute!