Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Idea from Pinterest: Favorite Things Party

I saw this on Pinterest and can't stop thinking about how fun this would be.

Here's how it works: Each person brings their favorite thing (anything you like.. your favorite lip gloss, favorite kitchen tool, favorite gift wrapping supply, a gift card for your favorite frozen yogurt, etc.).

It can't cost more than $6, and each person brings five of the same thing.

When you arrive at the party, you write your name on five slips of paper and throw them in a big bowl.

The bowl is passed around, and each person takes five names (making sure you don't pick your own.. or two of the same name).

One at a time each person introduces their favorite thing and then reads the five names they picked from the bowl, passing out their gift to those five guests.

After everyone at the party has presented their favorite thing, each person should end up with five gifts to take home.

Doesn't this sound FUN?????? I totally want to do this and need to find a good night in the next month or so. Or does anyone local already have a kid-free weekend night coming up and want to host at their house?


Cornelia said...

That does sound fun!

C. Beth said...

That sounds so fun.... I wish I could come! :)

The Pink Owl said...

This does sound so fun!

Unknown said...

This sounds like so much fun. I'm totally going to have to organize a party like this in the future. Thank you for sharing it!