Monday, July 9, 2007

Can't Live Without

After reading Ashley's Closet this morning, I'm inspired to note my favorite things too. (Note that I have a million other things to do, being the first of the month and all and me being an accountant and all, but this looks much more fun!)

St. Ives Healthy Brilliance Renew & Glow- the best gradual tanner I've found. I absolutely love this stuff. Perfect color for me, low odor, and feels great! I first heard about this on beauty addict when she did her Fake Bake Month. I'd tried several GTs in the past- Jergens made me Oompah-Loompah-ish, and Dove absolutely smelled terrible from the get-go and made my legs streaky. But St. Ives..... love it! I haven't been able to do much sunning since the birth of my two kids, and I absolutely hate having white legs, so this is a nice compromise.

Now, when I am in the sun (when the hell is that?), I just can't use the same SPF 30 that DH uses on himself and the kids. It's good in theory, but even SPF 8 completely blocks all rays for me, and I look like I haven't even stepped outside in 10 years. So I have used Hawiian Tropic Dark Tanning Lotion SPF 4 (third from the left) for absolutely forever. I figure I'm still protecting my skin from a burn, but getting a little color so I look alive. I noticed that Monogram Momma said this is also her potion of choice. I knew I was a little bit cool.

Orville Redenbacher's Smart Pop Kettle Korn Mini Bags These are way too good. Satisfies my sweet tooth, but I don't have to waste too many WW points. (Who am I kidding, I usually stop counting mid-day.....)

My Honda Odyssey. I don't know how in the hell I crammed two kids in Britax seats in the back of an Accord for so long. The Odyssey was the best purchase we have ever made. Now, we don't have the beautiful new model shown above, but at just a few years old, ours is still nice, and the room is beyond words. I did tell Mr. Sasha that he never had to worry about me getting hit on ever again (I don't know that he worried about that anyway....) because it is so obvious that I have kids- but I don't give a damn. My minivan rocks.
Works calls.... but I'll try to add some more later.

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