Monday, October 3, 2011

Advent calendar for girls?

I just ordered P this Lego Advent Calendar, which he will LOVE. Our house is Lego Central right now. And it's on sale a bit, only $31.50 versus MSRP of $35, plus there's no tax or shipping if I order from Amazon.

But WC is NOT into Legos, and I am looking for an idea for an advent calendar for her. Please note that I am not very crafty, so I really need to purchase something ready-to-go. Ideas?

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Ashley Smith said...

we did a my little pony one last year, that went over well with my 4 year old. I am also an amazon shopper so I just googled girls advent and it came up. For my 10 year old, she wanted candy so she got chocolate instead of little toys. She was pleased :).

katinka - spirituality said...

I created a whole list of advent calendars for girls here:


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